About Us

illustration of oak leaves and acorns

We are a far-flung community stretching coast to coast, united in our love of the Earth, and our desire to protect the ancient Oaks who provide food, shelter, habitat, and sanctuary to those who live in, on, and around them.

After reading “France on hunt for centuries-old oaks to rebuild spire of Notre Dame” (The Guardian, February 16) Chris Eagle approached Sharon Simone to express his distress that these Oak elders were being “hunted” and would be slain.

Immediately taken with the plight of the Oaks and seized by the urgency of their situation, they brought the matter to others in the community, who sat in council to consider how to meet it. Sharon likened the Oaks’ situation to “being on death row” and felt compelled to try to secure a “stay of execution” for the trees.

She reached out to Kristin, who from her own heartbreak, immediately wrote a letter to President Macron. The letter became the basis for a petition that has been circulating widely. Kjersten Gmeiner, MD, secured the services of web maven KatieMarie, who created this website overnight pro-bono. A generous philanthropist funded our upcoming video about the Oaks.

As the reach of the Oaks’ story has grown, so too have the number and forms of response. Individuals from around the world have participated in a virtual tree "sit” on Clubhouse. A prayer circle is convening daily for the Oaks throughout March. Poems have been written. Letters have been sent to various leaders and influencers to continue to raise awareness and work channels. It has been heartening to see such alliances with and on behalf the Oak elders.

We stand with them in solidarity. Please join us.